15 Business English Phrasal Verbs for Speaking!

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In today’s lesson, we’ll be learning 15 business English phrasal verbs that will help you sound more natural and professional in the workplace. Let’s dive in!

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1. Wrap Up

Meaning: To finish or complete something.

  • “We need to wrap up this project by Friday.”
  • “After the meeting, let’s wrap up by summarising the key action items.”

2. Follow Up

Meaning: To continue pursuing something or check on progress.

  • “I’ll follow up with the client next week about their order.”
  • “Don’t forget to follow up on those outstanding invoices.”

3. Look Into

Meaning: To investigate or research something.

  • “Can you look into the reason for the website outage?”
  • “We need to look into potential office locations.”

4. Get Back

Meaning: To return with information or a response.

  • “I’ll get back to you with the sales figures by the end of the day.”
  • “Please get back to me if you have any other questions.”

5. Run Through

Meaning: To quickly review or go over something.

  • “Let’s run through the agenda before the meeting starts.”
  • “Can you run through the presentation one more time?”

6. Catch Up

Meaning: To make progress or become up to date.

  • “I need to catch up on my emails after the conference.”
  • “Let’s catch up over coffee and discuss the new project.”

7. Take On

Meaning: To accept or begin a new task or responsibility.

  • “I’m ready to take on more leadership roles in the team.”
  • “Who can take on the task of coordinating the office move?”

8. Bring Up

Meaning: To introduce or mention a topic.

  • “Don’t forget to bring up the budget concerns during the meeting.”
  • “I’ll bring up the idea of offering remote work options.”

9. Check In

Meaning: To briefly review progress or discuss something.

  • “Let’s check in next week about the status of your tasks.”
  • “I need to check in with the marketing team regularly.”

10. Break Down

Meaning: To separate into smaller parts or explain in detail.

  • “Can you break down the project timeline for me?”
  • “Let’s break down the marketing strategy into actionable steps.”

11. Push Back

Meaning: To delay or reschedule something.

  • “We may need to push back the launch date by a week.”
  • “Can we push back our meeting until after lunch?”

12. Branch Out

Meaning: To pursue a new area or expand operations.

  • “Our company is looking to branch out into international markets.”
  • “I want to branch out and take on more diverse projects.”

13. Kick Off

Meaning: To start or initiate something.

  • “We’ll kick off the new project with a planning meeting.”
  • “The sales conference kicked off with a motivational speech.”

14. Keep Up

Meaning: To maintain progress or continue at the same pace.

  • “I’m struggling to keep up with the workload.”
  • “We need to keep up our marketing efforts to stay competitive.”

15. Stick To

Meaning: To follow or adhere to something.

  • “Let’s stick to the agenda during the meeting.”
  • “It’s important to stick to our established processes and procedures.”

Phrasal verbs are frequently used in the world of business. How many of these do you use at work? Let us know in the comments section!

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