Master 15 Essential Business English Phrasal Verbs in Office Conversations!

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Phrasal verbs are frequently used in professional communication. Let’s master 15 business English phrasal verbs in a real office conversation.

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Let’s now proceed to an office conversation:

Joshua: “Hi Kayla, do you have a moment to catch up on our current project?”

Kayla: “Sure, Joshua. I just need to wrap up this email. Okay, I’m ready. What do you need to discuss?”

Joshua: “First, I wanted to follow up on the client feedback from last week. Have you had a chance to look into their concerns?”

Kayla: “Yes, I looked into it yesterday. Their main issue was with the delivery schedule. I’ll follow up with them today to confirm the new dates.”

Joshua: “Great. We also need to get back to the finance team with our budget estimates. Can you get back to them by the end of the day?”

Kayla: “Absolutely. I’ll review the numbers and get back to them this afternoon.”

Joshua: “Perfect. Before our meeting tomorrow, can you run through the presentation with me?”

Kayla: “Sure thing. Let’s run through it at 3:00 p.m. today.”

Joshua: “Sounds good. I also need to catch up on my emails. I’ve been swamped since the conference.”

Kayla: “I know the feeling. Maybe we can catch up over coffee later and discuss the new project?”

Joshua: “I’d like that. By the way, are you ready to take on the new marketing campaign?”

Kayla: “Yes, yes, I’m excited to take on this challenge. I’ll also bring up the idea of remote work during our team meeting.”

Joshua: “Good idea. And we should check in regularly about the progress. How about we check in every Monday morning?”

Kayla: “That works for me. Let’s make sure to break down the project into smaller tasks; it’ll make it easier to manage.”

Joshua: “Definitely. Can you break down the timeline for me later?”

Kayla: “Sure, I can do that. Also, we might need to push back the launch date of the new product by a week.”

Joshua: “Understood. We can push back our internal review as well. By the way, I’m planning to branch out into social media marketing. Our company needs to branch out into more diverse areas.”

Kayla: “That’s a great initiative. We should kick off a creative thinking session soon.”

Joshua: “Yes, let’s kick off the planning phase next week. It’s important to keep up with market trends.”

Kayla: “Agreed. We need to keep up our efforts to stay ahead of the competition. And during meetings, we should stick to the agenda to stay focused.”

Joshua: “Absolutely, it’s crucial to stick to our processes for efficiency. All right, let’s wrap up this conversation. Thanks for your time, Sarah.”

Kayla: “No problem, Joshua. I’ll get back to work now. Talk to you later.”

Phrasal verbs are frequently used in the world of business. How many of these do you use at work? Let us know in the comments section!

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