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Presentations Business English Course

The quality of how you conduct a presentation is an essential factor to success in the workplace and education.

Nowadays, presentation skills are often an employment and educational requirement.

Presenting with confidence is so critical.

When speaking to an audience, there is the expectation that you have a unified command of Business English. Therefore, language skills are essential for delivering effective presentations.

Customer Service Business English Course

Most companies nowadays require that their staff have excellent customer service skills.

Your boss wants to see that you have a unified command of English for customer service purposes.

Language skills are essential for communication with your customer. You need to know how to get relevant information from your customers to provide excellent customer service addressing their needs.

You may also have to deal with a problematic customer, especially when using your second language.

Expressing yourself quickly and resolving the customer’s problem can be daunting. At the same time, you must remain calm, show empathy, and maintain professionalism.

Office Phrases Business English Course

Office life nowadays requires that staff have excellent English communication skills. Therefore, it’s likely that your boss/manager wants to see that you have a unified command of English and that you’re well-equipped for office life when applying your English Language skills.

There are a lot of phrases (including idioms) which we use at work, in our jobs, and in our professional life.

It’s essential to know them because Native English Speakers and Proficient English Speakers use these phrases all the time to make their English more expressive, engaging and effective.

Accounting Business English Course

The quality of your accounting is an essential factor in your company’s success. You’ll need to know more than just numbers and math to work in the world of Finance or be a top Accountant. It’s also about understanding the correct vocabulary and phrases and demonstrating practical communication skills.

There is a high expectation of you to be highly accurate. It’s because you are responsible for recording, reporting and analysing the money of your own and other people’s businesses. Therefore, you don’t want to make mistakes with the words you use to describe financial situations any more than you can afford to make mistakes with calculations, numbers and figures!