Use these 11 Management Phrases: Jim and Victor’s Business Conversation

In today’s Business English lesson, we’ll look at:-

(a) 11 Essential Phrases for Management.

(b) A conversation in the workplace using these phrases.

Watch the video, read the content and complete the ACTIVITY towards the end of the lesson.

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1) “Let’s touch base”

It means – to have a brief meeting or catch up on work-related matters.

2) “What’s the status [of the project?]”

Asking for an update on the progress of a particular task or project.

3) “We need to meet our targets”

Emphasising the importance of achieving set goals or objectives.

4) “I appreciate your hard work”

Expressing gratitude and recognition for someone’s efforts.

5) “Can we brainstorm some ideas?”

Suggesting a collaborative session to generate creative solutions or plans.

6) “We’re on a tight deadline”

Noting that there is limited time to complete a task or a project.

7) “Let’s address any issues upfront?”

Encouraging open communication to tackle problems directly.

8) “Provide a progress report”

Requesting a detailed update on the current state of a project or task.

9) “Time management is crucial”

Highlighting the importance of effectively using time to meet objectives.

10) “I need your input on this decision”

Seeking the opinion or advice of the team member in making a choice.

11) “We must adapt to changes in the market”

Emphasising the need to be flexible and responsive to market dynamics.


Let’s now look at a dialogue between The Regional Sales Manager (Jim) meets Head of Sales (Victor), for the area of Nottingham in the Uk.

They talk about ‘the Baxter account. ‘ Let’s dive in as they have a natural work conversation seamlessly integrating 11 key managerial phrases.

The phrases are highlighted in bold.

JIM: Morning Victor! Let’s touch base regarding the Baxter opportunity. Did their RFP (Request for Proposal) come through yet? Any updates?

VICTOR: Yes, good news! We secured the documentation late yesterday afternoon so reviewing details is underway. I’m hopeful we can meet all targets. There’s potential for sure!

JIM: Tremendous progress tackling a pivotal growth possibility amid shifting priorities. Concerning pulling together specifics, what’s our exact status on adhering to the demanding one week turnaround issued by Baxter’s management?

VICTOR: Massive coordination required no doubt – presentations, test cases and loads of additions needed alongside our top core proposal.

JIM:  Got it – packed agenda plus large supplemental effort equates a tight timeline. Since seamless time management is crucial in our current climate, let’s address any issues upfront that might be obstructing our goal so I can advise resourcing.

VICTOR: We’re refining our market pricing data. Involving more participants in analytics will help us report progress on the models’ reasoning by the leadership approval deadline.

JIM: I appreciate your hard work Victor directing this multifaceted opportunity while also stating exactly what’s needed to clinch success. Specifically, I need your input creatively – can we brainstorm ideas ensuring our bid uniqueness captivates our customer?

VICTOR: Certainly, Jim! We must adapt to the changes in the market. Onwards and upwards! Let’s continue to drive results together. How about we meet tomorrow at 10am to discuss the next steps?

JIM: Sounds good, Victor! I’ll see you at 10 am tomorrow for our strategy session.