Learn the Phrases to Start your Presentation

In this Business English lesson, you will learn how to structure your Presentation’s start.

You’ll also learn common Business English Phrases on ‘Starting a Presentation. Watch the lesson and read the article for definitions and examples.

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How do I structure the start of my Presentation?

Firstly, you want to establish a rapport with your audience. So, you open proceedings by welcoming them.

You continue building rapport and momentum by introducing yourself.

You can then explain what subject matter/topic you will cover and why it is particularly relevant.

Finally, every Presentation has an objective which is the purpose of your Presentation. It’s at this point you bring this into play and relay this to your audience.

It’s good practice to follow a structure. It makes life easy for yourself, and it ensures your audience has direction and clarity.

It’s also useful to know the Phrases for starting your Presentation. I’m going to teach you these now.

Phrases to Welcome your Audience

Hi/Hello everyone.’

“Good morning/Good afternoon, everyone.”

“I’m delighted to welcome you all here today.”

“Thank you for attending today.”

“It’s great to see so many people in the room today.”

Phrases to Introduce Yourself

Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s [Rick Singleton.]”

“Some of you may already know me. I’m [Rick Singleton.]”

“I’m the [Head of Product Design.]”

“I’m here today in my role of [Head of Product Design.]”

Phrases to Introduce your Subject Matter

“Today, I’m going to be talking about [Subject Matter.]”

“The Subject/Topic today is …”

“This Presentation focuses on [Subject Matter.]”

“I’d like to present today on [Subject Matter.]

Phrases to Explain the Relevance of the Subject Matter

“It’s an important subject for you/us because…”

“Today’s subject is of special interest to those of you/us who…”

“By the end of this talk, you will be familiar with…”

Phrases to Explain your Objective

“The aim/purpose/objective of this presentation is to…”

“Today, I’d like to give you an overview of…”|

“During the next [25 minutes,] we’ll be….”

“This [morning] I’m going to be talking to you about…”