Unlock Success: 6 Powerful Business English Words for Dynamic Presentations

What is a Power Word? Well, it’s a word that evokes an emotion and a response. It instils in people the desire or need to respond to whatever you are presenting them with, and power words are great for presentations.

You want words that matter to your audience, words which are effective and words which have power. Different words evoke different emotions. So choose your words carefully and make sure your message conveys appropriately. I will show you how you can use power words in this video, and we’re going to look at six power words, notably, ‘always,’ ‘available,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘best,’ ‘brave,’ and ‘bright.’

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Power Words

1) Always

Our first word – always – what does it mean?

It means at all times, on all occasions.

How would we use this word in a presentation? Let me show you how you can use this power word effectively so a presenter might say in a presentation about sales, for example:

“We always give away free vouchers with our products. Our customers appreciate the gesture.”

Or we might have a presenter talking about company growth.

“I’m always amazed at how quickly our company has grown.”

And here’s an example of a presenter reaching out to the audience and welcoming them 

“You are always welcome to visit our offices.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Always.’

As always.

Always welcome.

Always try.

Can always.

Always feel.

2) Available

Our next word – available – what does it mean?

It means obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service.

How would we use the word ‘available’ when doing a presentation? So a presenter might do a presentation about customer support, for example:

“We will aim to set up a helpline which will be available 24/7.”

Or it could be a presentation about software and apps:

“The game is available in the app store, and you can download it now.”

Or at the end of a presentation, the presenter might say:

“So that’s the end of my presentation. I’m now available to answer any questions you might have.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Available.’

Be available.

Freely available.

Available from.

Readily available.

Available for.

3) Beautiful

‘Beautiful’ means having an attractive quality that gives pleasure to those who experience it or think about it.

How would we use the word ‘beautiful’ in a presentation? Here are some examples:

“It was a beautiful day yesterday and an opportunity to show potential buyers the locations for new developments.”

It’s possible you could introduce a story to your presentation at the start and use the power word ‘beautiful.’ For example:

“The solar eclipse was a beautiful thing to witness.”

Or you could use this word in a presentation for description purposes:

“The fifth floor of the new offices has an incredibly beautiful view of the countryside.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Beautiful.’

Very beautiful.

Incredibly beautiful.

Beautiful too.

Exceptionally beautiful.

Was a beautiful.

4) Best

This word means of the highest quality or being the most suitable pleasing or effective type of thing or person.

How would we use the word ‘best’ in a presentation? Here are some examples:

“We see ACAS holdings limited as the best partnership prospect.”

“This year has been our best-ever profit margin.”

“We aim to give our guests the very best attention.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Best.’

Best possible.

Best ever.

Best friends.

Very best.

The best.

5) Brave

‘Brave’ means showing no fear of dangerous or difficult things.

How would we use the word ‘brave’ in a presentation? Here are some examples:

“We have to be brave and take risks if we are going to succeed.”

“Let’s be brave and invest in new technology to help our company grow.”

“I would describe our Chief Executive as brave as she took over the company when it was floundering and in the depths of despair.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Brave.’

Incredibly brave.

Extremely brave.

Brave attempt.

Brave fight.

Very brave.

6) Bright

‘Bright’ means full of light shining, and also it can mean able to learn things quickly.

How would we use the word ‘bright’ in a presentation? Here are some examples:

“Our organisation has a bright future.

We had the bright idea to lower our prices, and it’s been an outstanding success.”

“One of the students at this university is incredibly bright and a member of the high IQ society.”

Common collocations of the word ‘Bright.’

Bright smile.

Bright future.

Bright idea.

Very bright.

Bright child/bright kid/bright student.

In this lesson, we’ve covered ‘6 Great Power Words for your Presentation using Business English.’

I hope you found this content useful.