How I use 10 Key Collocations for Digital Marketing Success | Business English

Do you want vital skills for digital domination? I’ve got 10 key collocations for digital marketing success! Let’s dive right in.

Watch the video, read the content and complete the ACTIVITY towards the end of the lesson.

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1) Generate Leads

“Generate leads” means creating new potential customers. It’s like casting a lead magnet’s web far and wide to reel in curious contacts. Let me show you how I’d use this collocation.

”Our latest social posts generated 500 red-hot leads for the sales team to nurture.”

2) Drive Traffic

“Drive traffic” directs visitors to content like a digital shepherd guiding flocks! Pushing and steering audiences to fuel awareness.

Let’s look at an example phrase,

“Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focus drove a flood of quality traffic to the website this quarter.”

3) Track Metrics

When “tracking metrics” we scan analytics dashboards, monitoring key performance indicators! Metrics provide the proof of numbers that our strategies hit the mark! For example,

“I will track marketing metric conversion rates every Monday.” 

4) Conduct Research

“Conduct research” involves digging into customer insights through surveys, interviews and analytics like an investigative journalist! Asking questions and gathering intel uncovers key info. For example,

“When we conducted market research through focus groups and social listening, it unearthed new target audience needs and interests.”

5) Build Relationships

“Building relationships” is like an architect laying foundations, creating bonds and a sense of community. Gradually offering value helps in establishing trust and familiarity. For example,

“Our newsletter nurturing, designed to build relationships, has successfully cultivated loyal followers.”

6) Drive Sales

“Drive sales” accelerates transactions like a racecar zooming full throttle!

Revving up purchasing activity through promotions steers revenue higher. For example,

“Advertising drove a 25% sales acceleration last quarter.”

7) Capture Attention

“Capture attention” holds focus like a captivating story draws readers in!

Engaging and compelling content stops scrolling in its tracks. For example,

“Our blog post captured widespread attention with its intriguing narrative and useful tips, gaining numerous shares and comments.”

8) Raise Awareness

“Raise awareness” amplifies understanding like turning on a spotlight in a dark room! Illuminating an organisation’s cause and benefits through consistent messaging can significantly increase support. For example,

“Our campaign to raise awareness about environmental conservation gathered widespread community involvement and garnered substantial support for sustainable practices.”

9) Reach Goals

“Reaching goals” is akin to a team pushing towards victory! It involves everyone working together, putting in their best efforts to achieve success. For example,

“Our carefully planned strategies helped us reach and exceed double the user growth goals ahead of schedule.”

10) Maximise Impact

“Maximise impact” is like making every move count in a chess game! By smartly adjusting strategies, you boost results for a stronger effect.

For example,

“Tweaking our website not only improved the user experience but also maximised lead generation, showing how small changes can make a big impact.